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I would create a fake family for that

It seems that almost every movie nowadays is a remake of something. So is the Adam Sandler vehicle Just Go With It – it’s a remake of 1969 comedy Cactus Flower, which won an Oscar for Goldie Hawn. I have never seen Cactus Flower, so no clue if that’s as funny as the remake. Yes, I know, I know – all the critics slayed Just Go With It, but I found it surprisingly funny. Then again why would this be surprising – Adam Sandler is a funny guy. And it is directed by Dennis Dugan, who also did Grown Ups – which I thought was enjoyable watching, even though less funny.

                                                                        Let’s do it!

In Just Go With It Adam Sandler plays Dr. Danny Maccabee – a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who has for years pretended to be married in order to hook up with women. Then comes the day when he meets a young teacher, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and decides that it’s time to stop pretending. Unfortunately he is not quick enough with the truth and Palmer finds his wedding ring. All kinds of shenanigans follow when Dr. Danny asks his loyal assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to impersonate his soon-to-be ex-wife. Things get complicated when Katherine’s kids become involved in the scheme and the whole gang heads to Hawaii with Dr. Danny’s cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson). There they find Katherine’s old college frenemy Devlin (Nicole Kidman). Well, you can guess the rest…

Feels good being honest, doesn’t it?

What the movie lacks in plot is substituted with the onscreen chemistry between Sandler and Aniston. Don’t except this movie to be anything else than a feel-good, entertaining film for the whole family. But then again does every movie need to be something more? Just sit down with a bowl of popcorn and your favourite drink and relax after a hard week at work with this light-hearted rom-com. What could be more relaxing than that? Well, maybe actually holidaying in Hawaii…

               I’ll be taking acting classes and become the next Miley Cyrus, yes I am.

Sandler is his usual self in the role of Dr. Danny, but it’s Aniston who steals the movie by proving that she is a good comedy actress. The most ridiculous character award goes to Swardson as Cousin Eddie with his “The Dolph Lundgren” impersonations. I could not help but laugh out loud. Some scenes are bit tacky like the coconut / dance contest in Hawaii, but most are well executed.

Lundgren, The Dolph Lundgren

So here’s for you critics – go get yourselves a funny bone!